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As Cambodian-Americans living in the New York City Area we feel  that we really need a Cambodian American Association in this area to protect our intesrests locally, in the United States and also in Cambodia. Without it we are invisible.


NYCCAA is based and registered in New York City, NY, and is subject to NYC and NY State laws.



- To cement relationship between Cambodian-Americans in NYC to an active group so that it can participate on a larger stage/platform of any political/social/cultural debates, discussions and activities;

- To enable Cambodian-Americans to speak in a unified voice on issues and questions that are related to Cambodia and Cambodian-Americans, both in the US and in Cambodia.



- To gather Cambodian-Americans residing in NYC into a legally established association;

- To create a spirit of community of Cambodian-Americans and a bond among registered members;

- To build a representability model on behalf of Cambodian-Americans in NYC;

- To interact with other Cambodian or Cambodian-American associations/societies/groups/committees in the US and in Cambodia;

- To provide suggestions on issues encountered by members of the Cambodian-American community seeking consultation/advice/guidance.




.- Creating a consensus among founders/initiators on the fundamentals of the association;

- Defining steps towards the concretization of NYCCAA;

- Designing a working modality.




Membership to NYCCAA is opened to all Cambodians, Americans residing in the continental USA.


Members Commitments:


Members of NYCCAA must adhere to the following commitments and obligations:

  • Actively participate in NYCCAA activities;

  • Engage in activities and discussions with honesty, integrity and goodwill;

  • Respect opinions/ideas of other members;

  • Respect democratic rules in decisions;

  • Maintain high level of decorum, politeness and courtesy when dealing with other members;

  • Pay membership dues on time;

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