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Mean Mak


Currently works in the Finance Department of The Synergos Institute.

Treasurer of Watt Samakki where he implements a Financial Transparency Policy to help the Temple to have sound financial procedures. This Policy brings the trust to the community so his Temple can raise fund for major repair and renovation jobs a lot more easier that it was before. As the result of that we have a much better community where people don't fight over money any more.

Residing in NYC since 1976.

Sopharith Hy


Retired United Nations International Civil Servant

Residing in NYC since 1974

Married with 2 children and 3 grand children

Manny Chap


His professional background is in retail and commercial banking, investments and real estate.

He's a graduate of the State University of New Paltz and hold a Bacehlors of Arts degree.


Kenny Seng


Businessman and President of Watt Samakki. Under his leadership during these last four years (Nov. 2011-2015) the Temple is drastically changed for the better. Many repair and renovation jobs already took place and now Watt Samakki becomes a decent place to be called Cambodian Buddhist Temple.

Married with a Daughter

Residing in Queens, NY

Den Phok



Graphic Designer | Art Director – Fashion Brand, Mr.Den Phok started his career with schooling at well known Fashion Institute of Technology. Mr.Den graduated from FIT with a B.A. in Graphic Design and A.A.S. in Fashion design, New York based with more than 15years experience working on collections for some of the worlds most successful fashion and apparel brands. Talented and creative with expertise spanning the whole design process - from blank page to prototype specifications. A branding specialist, his portfolio includes work for the Casual, Sport, Sportswear, Active wear, Outerwear, and Denim industries.

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